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jeline + W.K Bookclub

jeline + W.K Bookclub are a band of five friends who like playing fun tunes together and enjoy making people happy/energetic with their music.

During her live gigs, jeline performs with W.K Bookclub, a band of four buddies formed to support their local solo artists friends. Despite the fact they’ve only been gigging for just over a year, they’ve played over 10 shows at loved venues like at San Fran, Meow, Valhalla, Moon and Rogue and Vagabond.

With jeline as the front-woman, W.K mainly play indie-pop-rock bangers with originals from jeline like 'dayuhan', 'lil bluebird' and fan favourite 'everyone wants hermia'. They also play covers which display her music loves and influences like Doja Cat, The 1975 and grentperez.

The band started in 2021 when band leader Jack Hegarty went looking for instrumentalists to support the artists he produced, like jeline, when they played live. From there he found Luis Sharp, a fellow Massey student and high school friend Eli Adams. The band was put on hold as they looked for a bassist, but in early 2022 Lily Hodgson-Bell joined Jack and jeline in a uni paper and was recruited. From then on, jeline and W.K continue to have endless bants, and of course, play gigs together and make music that people enjoy!

Meet the Band

Luis Sharp
Guitar | Bass | Vocals
Bass | Guitar
Lily Hodgson-Bell
Bass | Guitar
Jack Hegarty
Keys | Guitar
Eli Adams


Next show!
The Asian Lunar Takeover at Moon
Friday 20th October | Moon Bar Newtown
$10 Tickets - UTR or cash on door

Background photo, band headshots and additional photos by Cameron McFetridge, Dy Evans and Gemma Louden

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