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Though she's primarily a singer/songwriter, jeline has started expanding her skills into other areas of the music industry
Gig Organisation/Promotion

Starting from necessity to hold gigs for herself, jeline began to learn about gig organisation and promotion. This has now expanded into running gigs for other artists as well as herself. Having held a number of gigs this year, both a mix of self-ran as well as collaboratively with a team, all have come out to great success!


Her two personal achievements are the 'jeline + W.K Bookclub, Fine Wine Social Club, Out of Hand' gig at Valhalla, which sold over 100 tickets and was the first gig jeline held, and 'A Girl's Night in at Dive' which sold out. She also hopes to continue "A Girl's Night In' as a gig series in the future. 

Click through to see photos from gigs jeline has ran/has helped run.

Screen Media Composition
Sprite Fight - Music Composed and Produced by Jeline Baldovino

Sprite Fight - Music Composed and Produced by Jeline Baldovino

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jeline has always had a love for film and this developed into an interest of film sound and screen media composition. She built her skills in composition and production whilst taking a screen media composition course at Massey University Wellington. Through this course, she learnt how to compose for different genres from drama, horror, fantasy and more. Having experienced this field, jeline is eager to develop her screen media composition skills and hopes to one day also learn the art of foley. 

For her final assignment, jeline composed a four minute cue for the animated short film 'Sprite Fight', featuring the genres of Fantasy, Comedy, Horror and Action. Click the video to view. 

Background photo by Sophie Overeem

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