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about jeline

jeline is an indie-pop artist who's always finding little parts of her thoughts and feelings to write about and amplify through music.

A proud Filipino born and raised in Pōneke/Wellington, she’s been singing from a young age from karaoke, musical theatre tunes to the hot 100 on the radio. Eventually she started songwriting at the age of 11, honing in her songwriting skills and creating melodies in her head ever since.

Studying Commercial Music at Massey University, she met her producer Jack Hegarty where both their skills meshed perfectly and the duo continue to make music together. jeline has surrounded herself in different genres and music tastes. Her discography mixes modern pop production with indie and rock as well as influences from rock, RnB and rap to name a few. But with her new releases, she’s introducing a pop-indie-electro pop sound that she locked in as her own.

She released her first single 'the one you adore' in April 2022, followed by her debut EP 'overthinking it' in May 2022. After over a year’s long wait and a burnout turned ‘best break ever’, jeline and Jack are back, releasing her newest single ‘time stops’ in October 2023.

With her meaningful lyrics, powerhouse vocals and charming personality, jeline's sure to hop on your radar!

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jeline photo 2.png
jeline photo 1.png


time stops - cover photo.jpg
overthinking it - EP cover art.png
Untitled design-2.png

time stops 

overthinking it

the one you adore


time stops - music video

jeline acoustics with Jack Hegarty

the one you adore

madame butterfly

where u at

everyone wants hermia


non-existent floating

Background photo, additional photos and cover arts by Kerry Pulham, Cameron McFetridge, Eli Adams, Francesca Sewell, Jack Hegarty and Calvin Molina

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